Shell Scheme

A shell scheme is a modular system supplied to many exhibitors, in most cases, by the exhibition organizers. This system normally comes in one metre modules and can be built to just about any size, based on the booking made or space chosen from the organizers list.

It is a ready-made and typically includes stand walls, lighting, carpet and possibly a power socket.

In the majority of cases the shell schemes supplied by the exhibition organizer are very basic but with a little imagination a simple shell scheme can be enhanced and tailored to meet exhibitors’ objectives.

One way of making your shell scheme stand out from the crowd is to change the colour of the panels to match your corporate colours and give a Vibrant full-colour graphic panels incorporating your themes. Corporate message and branding can cover the entire width and height of your shell scheme panels.

Fresh Business Thinking Tip Remember that at an exhibitor you have about 3 seconds to grab the attention of a visitor so make sure that your message is sharp and to the point!

Carpet tiles, furniture and a company name board might be included in the shell scheme.

Shell Scheme Stand Regulations

  • All interior stand fittings must be contained within the shell scheme structure and must not exceed 2.43m in height unless you have requested your fascia and ceiling grid to be removed.
  • Lightweight exhibits or displays can be attached by the use of double-sided tape, pads or Velcro.
  • No nail, screw, glue or staple anything into the shell scheme. Any charges for damage caused to the shell scheme will be passed back to you. We can give advice on suitable forms of fixings for your products and can supply a range of fixings.
  • Under no circumstances may exhibitors paint the shell scheme. Changes to the wall panel colour must only be carried
  • If you wish to block in the open sides of your stand you must obtain permission from the Organiser before any arrangements are made. A minimum of one third of any open side is to remain open.
  • No material including advertising and logos may be fixed to the exterior surface of your stand.
  • The ceiling grid may not be used for hanging banners, signs, etc, as it has a very low weight bearing.
  • If you are building a shell scheme interior you will need to submit full plans to the Organiser before build can commence.