Digital printing

In the printing industry, the use of print applications is on the rise, and this is due to the highly responsive rate and quality prints they offer. Digital printing is especially important for its ability to do things that can’t be done through offset printing. With digital printing, you will always be able to fulfill the business needs within the required time and budget, no matter what your printing requirements are. Digital printing can especially be useful when making posters, banners, tent cards, buntings, display covering and flex face.


Digital printing completely differs from the traditional printing method and it is a process that entails direct output. This means that it does not involve pre-press operation. Unlike in traditional prints, the images in digital printing are generated from a computer and directly transferred to the output device. All the processes involved in printing roll-ups, pop-ups and other items are in digital form and maintains numbers of formats which include PPML, PDF, EPS, etc. This format is maintained from the start throughout the printing process.


Another difference between traditional and digital printing is the tool and ink delivery system connection. There are some output devices, including inkjet printers which have a specific ink delivery system. The ink and delivery system are exclusive to each digital press. The tools and equipment used also depends on the output to be produced. Some of the benefits you can achieve by digital printing technology include

    • The printing materials are delivered faster and are also cost-effective
    • Low production and set-up costs
    • you can customize your prints to suit your needs
    • No wastage since the printing job will not be outdated


Besides, the output from digital printing is waterproof, fade resistant, long lasting and extremely durable. Eight color printers are used to produce the digital prints. The printers have a high-quality resolution. Due to the current technology advancements, the output by digital printing has extremely improved. Digital printing can especially be helpful in:


    • Event branding
    • Wall branding
    • Promotional stands
    • Duratrans printing
    • Shell scheme exhibition branding
    • Stag back drop printing


In the current business competition, every business would want to come up with ways to promote their products and services in the most effective way. Print services can also produce high quality, eco-friendly and cost-effective prints, but only for a short lifespan. But you can get the latest creative and innovative designs with the aid of digital technology and their integrated applications. In the current competitive market, the equipment used in digital printing have developed to become both user and environmental friendly. This means that a person can design prints with their own creativity and imagination. Currently, there is a changed face in banner printing business cards, large format printing and other variety of advertising materials.


With digital printing, the print services are also available on online platforms. There are many websites that offer professionals who provide digital printing services and most of them are available at very affordable costs.


There is no doubt that digital printing has changed the face of advertising materials. Since digital printing connects directs to output devices, it does not involve any pre-press operations. The printed materials are also delivered faster and are cost effective.

Digital printing includes:


    • Roll-ups – different sizes – regular are 85 x 200 cm
    • Pop-ups -(Straight and curved) – 3 x 3 and 4 x 3
    • Promotional stands
    • Posters
    • Buntings
    • Danglers
    • Tent cards
    • Duratrans printing
    • Banners
    • Flex bring
    • Displays covering
    • Event branding
    • Stage Back drop printing
    • Compound wall branding
    • Shell scheme exhibition branding
    • cut-out stands.
    • Wall brandings