Kiosks and carts are becoming quite popular and incredibly profitable for many small business owners. Once considered an option for only low-end markets, these small and mobile storefront options are now frequently seen in upscale markets as well.


The appeal of kiosks and carts is that they are relatively easy to set up, low maintenance, highly accessible to a very targeted buying audience and are less expensive than opening up a retail storefront.


If you’re thinking of starting a kiosk business of your own, consider some of the most common and successful ideas and product options available.




A display stand is an advertising tool that has a direct impact on any product sales.


These stands are carefully crafted to grab the attention, interest, desire, memory of the customers.


Apart from colour, text, design, graphics and other elements, the stand embodies the use of POP (point of purchase) advertising functions. Any display stand must meet to convey information and the sales function of good and should have personal style and structure design.

At Sadaf, we focus on:


1. Appearance

2. Solid structure

3. Free assembly

4. Fast disassembly

5. Convenient transportation.


Depending on the purpose, we create product display stands in MDF or Metal with graphics or paint  finish. Added illumination to your brand logo and to products shelves, fascinates customers to try your products.

Let us know your products. Our design team will listen your product description and we shall provide you one stop solution from design creation to stand production.