Invisible grills

What is Safe Grill?

Many of us are living in high-rise residential buildings in UAE, the safety of people is of utmost importance, but there is a huge concern about having an open balcony in the high-rise buildings.


We come across grieve much news that children and pets are falling from high-rise building balconies due to various negligence of the caretakers or parents. But at the same time, installing a metal grill that will change the elevation of the building may not be accepted by many landlords are by concerning municipalities. They are expensive and also objects to the panoramic view from the balconies or windows and also from when viewed the building from outside.


Introducing SAFEGRILLS an innovative solution to uphold the safety of our nears and dears, without compromising on the look and feel at an affordable cost.


It comes as a balancing solution to ensure the safety and protection of all the balconies of high-rise buildings and ground-level villa for kids and pets, without compromising the windows/balcony look and feel. SAFEGRILL is invisible protection that can be applied on the balconies and windows.


SAFEGRILL ensures people/children falling from high-rise building balconies and protects burglary in Villas. At the same time, the design elements of the SAFEGRILL will not affect the elevation or look and feel of the balcony.


Apart from the high rise balconies, the SAFEGRIL can also be applied in Villa windows to protect from burglars, yards, rooftop terrace, swimming pools, stairways, screen or partition of offices as an interior aesthetic element

    • Stylish & Aesthetic
    • Transparent
    • Cost-Effective
    • Stops Birds entry
    • Rust free easy Maintenance
    • Relocatable
    • Strong & Durable


    • It provides a stylish transparent panoramic view. It is almost invisible from a distance
    • Have a good aesthetic architectural look
    • Child, Adult & Pet Safety
    • Quick Installation
    • Easy Fire escape
    • Easily re-locatable.


    • Strong & Durable
    • Comes with 5 years warranty

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