Offset Printing

The current advancements in technology give us nothing but quick, affordable prints made of high quality and standards. With the present business competition, both quality and quantity matter a great deal, and no organization can risk investing in a product/service that does not suit their client’s needs. Investing in offset printing to make brochures, leaflets and danglers is among the most effective ways to catch up with demands from clients.


Offset printing is an efficient and more refined operation in generating prints. It is also the most used printing method by both commercial and high scale printers, mainly because it meets all the standards required to achieve a desirable print. Offset printing is usually preferred for dispensing high volume prints over a short period of time. It is also used for personal, commercial purposes.


The printing method is used to produce business cards, brochures, catalogs, desktop calendars, tabletop calendars, and postcards. The process involves the use of multiple rollers and cylinders; the plate does not come in direct contact with the printing paper. The inks used are offset into a rubber blanket which prints the image on a paper.


Advantages of offset printing


High Resolution

The prints produced by offset printing are of quality and great detail. The printing process is also efficient since the rubber blanket conforms to the printing paper, effectively adhering to the paper surface. Also, the process involved also enables the paper to easily absorb the ink. All these contribute to the printing of more intense and refined images and texts.


Using Offset printing achieves chromaticity for the prints. The combination of four color printing process enables the prints to be layered with multiple colors. This makes the prints possess true and vivid colors.


Kaleidoscopic array of colors is made by the CMYK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black colors. This is important since the contrast or brightness of colors on images must be observed to acquire effective prints and preserve its integrity.


Offset printing can also be used to achieve eye catching posters and postcards with a wide range of colors bursting out through the print.


The science behind Offset printing is that Oil and Water do not mix. The inks only come into contact with image printing areas, while non-printing areas are covered with a thin film of water, repelling any ink elements that might come into contact.


Quantity and Quality

As mentioned, Offset Printing is designed to producing huge volumes of prints, but no matter the number of prints produced, their quality is not compromised. Offset printing produces thousands of prints for only a few days, with both quality and consistency maintained.


Businesses can make huge profits through designs and printing projects made through offset printing. This is because the printing method is not only effective in producing quality outputs, but will also help you save time and money.

Offset Printing includes:


    • Brochures
    • leaflets
    • Desktop calendars
    • Tabletop calendars
    • Danglers