Gift items & Give-Aways

Several factors contribute to successful business-client relationships, but among the most overlooked method of showing gratitude to your customers is by use of gift items. Gifting your customers means that you are concerned about them, and this will be beneficial for the company in the long run. As much as making phone calls or issuing thank-you cards is also important, your gratitude to customers should not end there. There are many reasons why you need to send gift items to your customers occasionally. Above all, you need to hire a branding company that is able to customize the gifts for customers to easily identify your business.


Importance of gift items to corporate

Corporates issuing gift items to customers is currently on this rise, and this is mainly because companies have started to know the benefits of spending unique items to people they care about the most. From t-shirts, pens, all the way to greeting cards, the way these gifts are presented to clients will portray how professional the company is. It is equally important to select the right gift and method for the gifts to be issued to customers. But it is more important to get something that will be highly appreciated by your customers, and this can be done by knowing your client preferences. This will ensure that you gift them with something that will always remind them about your company whenever they see it. Hiring a company that offers ceramic cup printing, pens branding and epoxy batches can especially come in handy.

Why send gift items

In the marketing field, there is a term referred to as ‘drip campaign‘. This is whereby companies frequently get in touch with their customers through sending emails or mails to strengthen the client-customer relationship. This constant contact with customers comes with several benefits. When it comes to corporate gifting, the same principle applies. Here are some of the advantages of corporate sending gifts to their clients/customers on a regular basis


Gift Bridge divides

No matter the geographical location of the business, sending gifts will make customers feel not only closer but also part of the business, well, even if you are on separate continents, customers will always feel something when they see your products. Some of the best gift items that can be presented to customers include USBs, flags, diaries and lanyards.

Reinforces your brand

As a company, you always value your brand more than anything else and it is, therefore, important to show your clients that the brand represents the business relationship and thoughtfulness. It also means the ability of the business to go an extra mile to ensure that customers are satisfied with what they have to offer. Many companies usually opt for customized branding, which includes the business logo on the item to be gifted.


Staying in touch with customers keeps the relationship open

Back to the concept of drip campaign, when you send gifts to customers, there are high chances that they will reply to appreciate the gift. This will give you an opportunity to inform them about the business, and if there are any new products you want to introduce in the market.


Sets you apart from your competitors

When doing business, expect to get competition from other businesses dealing with the same products as yours. But it is the way you relate to customers that will set you apart. Gift items will make your business a favorite to clients. Customers can only purchase products from those they know and like. Sending gifts to customers is among the ways to attract your customer loyalty.

Sadaf Designs offer below  Gift items / Promotional items:


    • Lanyards.
    • T-shirts
    • Pens branding
    • Ceramic cups printing
    • USBs
    • Epoxy batches
    • Flags
    • Diaries
    • Greeting cards