Internal LED Display

Any business can benefit from digital indoor signs (display), no matter their size. There are various sizes of LED indoor digital signs that can help achieve business success.


Since Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology became commercially viable in the 80’s, it has quickly risen to be one of the most widely used forms of business displays today. Rather than the use of single simple message, LED displays can be reconfigured any time by the use of simple computer software that will link all the display signs in one place. LED digital indoor signs are light, versatile, easy to install and are perfect for a wide range of uses around a business. There are dozens of models of indoor digital signs, ranging from one line models to large signs that can carry huge amounts of data and information.


Movie Theaters: Since theatres operate with dim interior lights, LED signs are a great choice around the lobbies and interior. Large tri colored interior signs can display every film or movie being aired along with its time and theater in a format that is bright and visible enough to be seen. On the other hand, small LED displays can be used as guide signs to enable people move throughout the cinema and ensure they reach the right venue.

Educational Institutions: LED signs are a great fit for schools. For instance, Three Line indoor digital sign displays can be used to mark areas that are off limit with clear graphics and illustrations. LED signs are also the right size for lobbies and cafeterias since they can be easily seen. In addition, LED signs are eco-friendly hence lowering the costs in a way that makes everyone comfortable to use. Retail Outlet: retail stores of any sort can make use of indoor LED signs to attract customers and inspire more purchases. BetaBrite Prism LED displays are the brightest and colorful, making them the most ideal to use. They are easy to program with eye catching animations and messaging that announce specials and new products that are being offered. Brighter BetaBrite Models can be used on window displays, and a business can get new customers with the aid of street traffic signs as well as bright signs that can be hard to be ignored by passersby.


Industry: Another category that benefits from LED signs is Warehouses, Factories, Clean Rooms and other Industrial areas. Four Line Digital signs possess the space you need to display complex health and safety information, multilingual warnings, hazardous graphics or any other vital data and information. In some industries, safety and cleanliness are top priorities. A self-contained LED sign can help accomplish both.


There are several things a business may wish to communicate to their customers. However, indoor digital signs may not effectively convey all the messages, and this is where LED signs come in. With a lifespan of ten years, these signs will be in use for as long as the business exists and can be a perfect alternative to traditional signs.